What should be paid attention to when installing Electric bo

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What should be paid attention to when installing Electric bollard

The installation of bollards is very complicated. It needs to be dug and embedded, wired, drained, backfilled, etc. The installation quality of bollards directly affects the subsequent use, so what should be paid attention to during the installation of bollards?『Electric bollard』

1. During installation or disassembly, all work must be carried out by professionals. Of course, even the operators or repairers are almost all professionals.『Electric bollard』

2. Because some bollards have long guide rails, it is not easy to transport, which increases the transport cost. Therefore, wholesale and customers must explain transportation problems in advance to avoid installation delay.『Electric bollard』

3. However, in the process of complete installation, the bollards must ensure the stability of the whole device, and ensure that they have different vertical middle line operation and operation distance of outer wall appearance during installation. Select a smaller installation size.

4. During the installation of bollards, the installation limitation must be fixed in a certain stability limitation. In the field of installation, it is necessary to ensure that all the floors are flat and the dimensions are produced according to the data measured by the wholesale personnel on site. Please do not change the terrain of the site at will. Even if installed, there will be other concrete foundations, drainage buildings are different, and there must be more safe operation standards in the whole process, and a series of obstacles will be brought. Lift the object.

5. When installing the bollard, it also has different installation methods. It must pass the collision test before use, and the bollard shall be tested every three months during installation. They are installed. Be sure to install according to the specified instructions and do more testing during operation to ensure that the installation is reset.

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