How to deal with the slow operation of the hydraulic bollard

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How to deal with the slow operation of the hydraulic bollards

『Automatic Hydraulic Bollard』After the purchase and use of the facilities, due to the long-term use of bollards, due to poor or aging and dirt, the speed is slow. When the speed is slow, consider the flow of hydraulic oil.

The factors that affect the flow of hydraulic oil are: hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil pump, motor speed control assembly The following editor will introduce you to three reasons and solutions for deceleration.

One of the reasons: the hydraulic pipeline of bollard may be crowded『Automatic Hydraulic Bollard』

Hydraulic pipeline is also a very important first thing, check whether the hydraulic pipeline is stable. It is important to check whether each hydraulic valve includes one-way stop valve, electromagnetic directional valve, proportional control valve, overflow valve, etc., and whether there is a sign of blocking or jamming. If any problem is found, clean or replace the hydraulic valve in time.

Cause 2: the hydraulic oil of bollard is deteriorated or has impurities
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After permanent use, the hydraulic oil may be contaminated or deteriorated. Samples shall be taken to check for liquid particles, discoloration and odor. If necessary, change the hydraulic oil.

The third reason: the bollard hydraulic pump is also an important factor affecting the flow of hydraulic oil

It's easy to find problems when using too long hydraulic pump. When the speed of the bollard is slow, check whether the oil supply flow of the hydraulic pump is constant. If this occurrence is real-time, please contact the manufacturer to avoid the warranty period.

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How to deal with the slow operation of the hydraulic bollards